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About Me

"The key to success is to focus on goals, not obstacles", however, it's the obstacles that trip us up.  Whether they are obstacles of the mind, like mindset, or of the environment like lack of support, emotional or material.  This community is dedicated to providing that support as you build your dream of a business, advanced education, or healthy family life.  We are here with knowledge and encouragement and prayer if that is welcomed.

Why You Should Join Me

I am a Professional Life Strategist that helps women handle the tension between personal and professional in a healthy manner.  I have developed this community to house spaces where people with specific interests can gather and provide support and information to each other.

I see many women trying to balance healthy romantic relationships and meaningful family life while pursuing a business or higher educational goals.  Many say they feel the tension as they try to do both, and believe they must leave something behind to pursue the other.  I want this to be a space where this tension can be safely explored. 

In this space, you will find groups that are industry specific to support women who want to pursue their purpose without guilt and fear.  I encourage you to find your group, join them and have conversations that support and inspire each other.  Share information that is helpful, and encourage each other.

There are spaces here that are specifically dedicated to those of the Christian faith.  If you are not a Christian you are still welcome.  I would ask however that you respect our Christian values.  Everyone is fighting a battle, so we will be Christ-like and engage in a way that will build up and not tear down.  We will respect different viewpoints while understanding that some here hold to a belief that God is the ultimate authority in all things and He informs us about His views in the Bible.  This is a Christ-focused network where all things will align with biblical values.

Some of the groups you will find here are:

  • Women Online Bible Study - A free group that meets weekly via Zoom.  You will have to register for each individual study when it is posted.
  • Coaching Tribe- A place for those building businesses, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and those who are trying to advance their professional lives can meet and explore issues that impact them.  The goal is to make sure that the work-life balance remains healthy even as the member is pursuing a bigger vision.
  • Behavioral Health Professionals - This is a space dedicated to promoting self-care for those who work within the behavioral health field.  Here professionals can share information and provide needed support to each other.  ***For Behavioral Health Professionals Only***

More groups will be added as well as coaching plans.  Check back to see what we have going on.  Get the app and stay notified of all that is going on in the Focused Life Community.

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